I am a wife and mom of THREE boys.
    I like to ruin nice photos.
    I love playing and coaching hockey.
    I do a lot of yardwork and laundry.
    I could eat Mexican food every day.
    I love the beach.
    I live in the middle of the bald ass prairies.
    I have a beach at my house, on the prairies.
    I love Will Ferrell movies.
    I can't say no to honey dip donuts.
    I love coffee - but not shitty coffee.
    I volunteer too much, but try to stop me.
    I swear. A lot. Fuck. Sorry.


    I began knitting to keep my hands and mind busy during a real shit year. Amid a truck load of crap, I lost my Gramma, and knitting felt like a way to connect with her.

    I used to knit in my vehicle, while I waited to pick up my kids. Fast forward to today - there is now a yarn/hoarder room - some call this their spare bedroom.

    Then came Covid. The supply chain ran dry and I found a way to get quality merino yarn in my hands without waiting on big companies to stock back up. I tried my hand at dying yarn and LOOK AT ME NOW. Dyeing yarn is such a fun and rewarding experience. I love being able to source supplies from reliable and ethical businesses, and partnering with other trustworthy and quality-driven small businesses.

    To make something with your own two hands is a truly amazing experience, and I hope you can use my supplies to do the same, or enjoy what I have carefully crafted for you!