• What the heck is Slamvent?

     Slamvent 2024 is the FOURTH year Slam Fiber Co. will be creating a December Yarn Advent.

    This idea arose from the pure lack of Yarn Advents/Countdowns for the holidays that offered a SUPER BULKY YARN option. 

    I wanted one, so I made it myself. 

    What bases are available? How much yarn will I get?

    In 2024 there are 7 bases available for purchase. Each separate advent box purchased will include the following:


    Super Bulky

    12 skeins - 90yds/150g each skein

    100% single ply superwash merino



    12 skeins - 109yds/100g

    100% 3-ply superwash merino


    Light Bulky

    12 skeins - 150yds/125g each skein

    100% single ply superwash merino



    12 skeins - single or 4-ply

    185yds/100g each skein, 100% single ply superwash merino OR 202yds/100g 4-ply superwash merino



    12 skeins - 246yds/100g each skein

    100% 8-ply superwash merino



    6 skeins - 437yds/100g

    6 skeins - 87yds/20g

    4-ply 85/15% superwash merino/nylon

  • When Will I Get my Order?

    All Slamvent will be shipped out in early November 2024, in order to provide adequate time for the packages to arrive at their destination well before the December 1 start date.


    When Can I Order?

    As always, there will be payment plans available. Slamvent pre-orders will begin April 15, 2024, and remain open until capacity is reached. 


    Why do I have to order so early?

    I get it. It's spring - we shouldn't be thinking about winter again already!

    Many of the bases offered are custom milled for Slam Fiber Co. and it takes time to make them! After I have ordered the yarn, there will be a maximum number of Slamvents I will be able to make for you all.


    What will the colors look like?

    Inspiration will be posted, and if you want to see them, just ask. However, Slamvent is NOT a fade, but there will be the ability of most colors to coordinate with each other.


    What are the extra goodies?

    There are always a handful of awesome extras included with your yarn. In the past these have been things like brand stickers, stitch markers, notion tin, wool wash, pom poms.... But I will NOT ruin the surprise, so you'll just have to trust me.  This year I have taken into consideration feedback from all my customers, and have a SWEEEEEET lineup of goodies for you.


    As a child, I loved advents - the joy of opening a surprise every day was something I always looked forward to.  As an adult, I have found even more joy in seeing how much those little surprises mean to everyone else.



    I hope you will join me in sharing in the Winter Fun, and get your busy hands on a Slamvent!